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Turquoise Jet Bracelet

Turquoise Jet Bracelet



Inside diameter 9 inches fits loose on 8.5” wrist

Swarvski jet crystal 16mm x 11.5mm       

Red agate beads 13.5mm x 11mm            

Turquoise beads 19mm x 9.5mm              

Sterling silver beads 8mm x 10mm


Sure to draw attention, this extra-large chunky bracelet is strung on elastic cord secured with a hidden surgeon’s knot and glue.  It features a faceted jet-black rondelle crystal, four large turquoise beads, and five faceted red agate beads.  Between each bead is an ornate sterling silver cylinder bead.

Sterling silver is associated with the Moon and all Moon Goddesses.  It offers protection to the wearer.  People also adorn themselves with silver to calm their mind and emotions. Turquoise offers vitality, speaking truth, and a sense of serenity and peace.  The semi-transparent red agate offers a deep sense of trust in your inner knowing.


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