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Spiral Pink Crochet Earrings

Spiral Pink Crochet Earrings


Crocheted in a light to dark pink variegated cotton thread, these granny square earrings hang from sterling silver earwires.  They are adorned each with a single dangle consisting of a flat sterling silver bead with a spiral design. This visually interesting bead is accented with small (4mm) pink glass pearls.

There are many types of spirals, the one on these beads being an Archimedean spiral. The spiral represents the Mother Goddess.  It is a symbol of rebirth, of reincarnation, and of feminine energy.  It is a symbol of our physical universe which itself is a spiral.  People wear spirals for divine connection.  They also use it for fertility and childbirth.


    Please contact Mt. Cynthos Beadwork at for any questions or concerns regarding products.  All sales final after 30 days.


    Product ships in 5 to 7 business days

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