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Lapis Lazuli and Fools Gold necklace

Lapis Lazuli and Fools Gold necklace


This matinee length (24”) necklace features a lapis lazuli with pyrite inclusions cabochon with a peyote stitch bezel made of tiny blue glass beads and titanium pyrite beads.  The cabochon is embellished with a brass charm held by a decorative web. It is backed with blue Ultrasuede, a human-made product.


Round lapis lazuli beads alternate with pyrite rondelles on a 49 strand beading wire. The clasp is antique gold-plated brass.


There are two minor detractions.  The white backing behind the cabochon shows in some spots and the decorative web appears to be missing one bead.  Accordingly, the price of this necklace has been reduced by 20%.


    Please contact Mt. Cynthos Beadwork at for any questions or concerns regarding products. All sales final after 30 days.


    Product ships in 5 to 7 business days

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